Global Classroom

The Global Classroom brings together students and professors from all regional hubs for a week-long conference where a topic of common interest is studied, analysed and discussed. The discussion is enriched by the participation of experts, including representatives of States, UN Agencies, EU experts and civil society organisations.

The Global Classroom facilitates interaction among students from the different regional programmes by organising dedicated activities and providing a forum for discussion and networking.

The opportunity to engage in research, to share findings with others and to engage in a conference-like setting is formative for students and stimulating for academics. Furthermore, the assigned research topics allows participants to explore characteristic challenges to human rights and democracy processes in their respective regions. Global Classroom research outputs are in most years published in the Global Campus Human Rights Journal.

Global Classroom topics in past years included the following:

  • The 
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 
and their prospects in the post-2015 era (2013)
  • The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) (2014)
  • The impact on human rights of foreign debt and economic crises (2015)
  • Intractable human rights situations and failed international responses to crises (2016)
  • Securitisation and the Impact on Human Rights and Democracy: Human Security in time of Insecurity (2017)
  • The Influence of Diaspora on Democracy-Building Processes: Behavioural Diversity (2018)
  • New Technologies and Human Rights (2019)
  • The UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty and the implementation of its recommendations (2020)