Research Skills Hub for Global Campus students

The Global Campus Research Skills Hub is an online initiative offered to all students of the seven GC Master’s Programmes. Through a series of specialized webinars, it aims at:

  • Providing methodological and thematic inputs in support of your academic research work
  • Offering opportunities to practice your presentation skills and receive feedback on your thesis research from peers and facilitators/experts
  • Strengthening the GC community and fostering cross-regional academic connections

The programme consists of three types of webinars, two of which are expert-led (on methodology and topical issues), and one student-led, i.e. devoted to the presentation of research work especially in relation to the thesis.

For the academic year 2021/2022 students are offered:

Specialised methodology webinars

  • Research ethics in human rights and research ethics in interviews
  • Quantitative research methods - Focus on Creating Surveys
  • How to reference – Focus on the Software Zotero

Topical webinars

  • Discussion forum on the unfolding crisis in Ukraine
  • Climate justice: workshop on regional challenges

Research presentation sessions

This initiative aims at offering additional support on research and academic writing processes, without replacing the thesis supervision that each GC student undertakes individually.