Vision and Mission statement

The cooperation between the Right Livelihood Foundation and the Global Campus is guided by a vision statement entitled A Network in Action, which uniquely places our partnership at the intersection of academia and grassroots activism. The goal is to shape our network as a movement which connects scholars and educators with children, youth-led movements and strategic partners, thus creating a ‘new human rights wave’.

Documents of Reference

Annual Reports: 2021-2022, 2020-2021, 2019-2020




Child-led Global Campus International Conference 2022 on Mental Health

As main outputs of the GC International Conference on Mental Health, coordinated by the Kathmandu School of Law in January 2022, we are proud to share:


The GC Child Participation Model – Resource Pack

It was prepared by Victor Karunan, Reina-Marie Loader and John Paul Pwa Abeng Amah, and used to successfully design and implement the conference for which over 100 children and young people where consulted. This Model is a first attempt to create meaningful participation via the facilitation of online as well as physical GC activities where young people can connect, thrive and move towards a better and sustainable future.


The Final Action Plan

It has been developed over several months by the children and young people involved in the preparation and implementation of the conference. The over 100 boys and girls who participated came from various regions, ranged from between 10-17 years old and came from diverse backgrounds, including refugee children and minority groups. The main topics chosen by the GC Children’s Leadership Team (17 children in total) that feature in this Plan are: i) Lack of Educational Mechanisms for Mental Health; ii) Violence Against Children and Mental Health; iii) Unhealthy Competition