Our Fundraising Campaigns

Follow us and donate to our specific campaigns with a simple click or engage in a more proactive way by proposing a new one. You can also look for the campaign closest to you and contribute locally.

We implement our campaigns through crowdfunding platforms, sales of online tickets and other effective ways to reach our communities worldwide. We also engage with art that stands for human rights.

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Con il 5xmille contribuisci a creare nuove opportunità di formazione sui diritti umani. Il Global Campus of Human Rights investirà le donazioni per offrire borse di studio a giovani studenti e ricercatori con limitate possibilità economiche al fine di poter partecipare ai corsi tenuti presso il suo Centro.

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Arts and Human Rights

As part of the Global Campus vision we recognize the intersection between art, politics and society and the potential of art as a communication tool in raising awareness of human rights issues.

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exchange professors


We make the most of the easy accessibility of social media and crowdfunding websites to bring investors and people together.

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UN Global Goals

We share a common interest with many other organisations in implementing the 2030 UN Agenda to support the Global Goals for Sustainable Development around the world.

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