Glasstress 2017 Humanrightstress

“The arts and human rights are closely related and need each other. The arts – music, literature,theatre, dance, cinema, fine arts, sculpture, architecture, design and glass arts – can only flourish in an atmosphere of freedom from fear, violence and repression. Democratic societies based on human rights provide the best institutional framework in which arts can flourish and artists are protected against repression and persecution. At the same time, the universal language of the arts, which attracts and empowers human beings around the globe more than any other means of communication, is the most powerful and joyful medium to promote the universal values of human rights.


Venice as the hub of the “Global Campus of Human Rights” representing more than 100 universities in all world regions, is the biggest institution of human rights education in the world, initiated and supported by the European Union. Our vision is a world in which human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, as shared values of the European Union and the United Nations and as internationally binding legal standards, are fully realised. Based in Venice, we wish to connect arts, culture and human rights.

To this end, we recently entered into a cooperation agreement with the Fondazione Berengo on the joint organisation of “HumanRightStress” activities in the framework of the “GLASSTRESS 2017” event” that lasts from 11 may until 24 November 2017.


Prof. Manfred Nowak (EIUC Secretary General)


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