Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Maria Teresa Pizarro Beleza and Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides

Prof. Maria Teresa Pizarro Beleza (Dean of the Faculty of Law at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) and Prof. Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides (Chairperson of European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)) were part of the faculty of the cluster on "Women, Peace and Security in a growing extremist and militarised world: Agenda, Implementation gap and the Transformative Approach & Potential of #CEDAW"
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Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Heidi Hautala MEP

Interview with Heidi Hautala, Vice-President of the European Parliament, on the relevance of the #VeniceSchool of #HumanRights.

She delivered a lecture in the cluster on #Business & Human Rights: "It’s more and more important that private companies will contribute to addressing global challenges: poverty, environmental destruction, #ClimateChange... We need to make them accountable"

Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Mara Marinaki

"Having 70% women in one field is definitely an unexpected, very positive bonus, in the sense that you have automatically 70% more ambassadors that spread the message and diffuse everything that the institute and the campus has been promoting alla along, in a very sensitive area."
Our interview with Ambassador Mara Marinaki, European External Action Service - EEAS Principal Advisor on Gender and on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.
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Venice School of Human Rights

Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Marie Høgh Thøgersen

"How do #HumanRightsDefenders take care of themselves?"
Marie Høgh Thøgersen, Clinical Psychologist and researcher, is responsible for monitoring the clinical outcomes at DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture, highly specialised rehabilitation clinic for traumatized refugees, (of which approximately 80% are torture survivors). 
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Venice School of Human Rights


Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Sakharov Fellows

Since 2016 the European Parliament's Sakharov Fellowship Programme offers up to 14 #HumanRightsDefenders selected from non-EU countries the opportunity to follow a two week intensive training in Brussels and at EIUC Venice, during the #VeniceSchool of #HumanRights.

Here's our interview with the Sakharov Fellows of 2018: Andrea Garrido Villareal, Ilcho Cvetanosky (European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe graduate), Yasemin Öz and Joseph Samuel Aoun.