Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Dalia Leinarte

"Being here, at the #VeniceSchool of #HumanRights, is a contact with #HumanRightsDefenders and students, a unique possibility to spread our message" Dalia Leinarte, Chair of the United Nations #CEDAW Committee

Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Raja Althaibani

"Especially for #HumanRightsDefenders, who are actively using videos and documenting, we are seeing that with technology a lot more people have access to mobile phones and smartphones, and there’s so much video content and images. There’s a lot of opportunity there, but also a lot of risk, it’s a double edged sword" Raja Althaibani, MENA Programme Manager WITNESS

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Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Kathryn Dovey

“The course I’m delivering at the #Business & Human Rights cluster is all about how the OECD national contact points can receive cases regarding multinational companies in terms of human rights impact"
Kathryn Dovey - Manager of National Contact Point Coordination at the OECD
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Venice School of Human Rights: interview with Francesca Tardioli

Interview with Francesca Tardioli on the cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, and her session on Women, Peace and Security #WHRDs
Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale
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Festa della Sensa

Highlights from the "Festa della Sensa” #SensaVenezia when we presented EIUC / #GCHumanRights activities to our local and international partners 
Comune di Venezia Venezia Unica
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