First High Level Converence on The Global State of Human Rights

We thank all those who took part in the first high-level conference on the Global State of Human Rights, jointly organised in a hybrid format by the European Parliament and the Global Campus of Human Rights.

Save the date: The next Global State of Human Rights will take place in Venice in mid-July 2022.

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The Global State of Human Rights High Level Conference - First Edition - Venice, 16 July 2021

The European Parliament and the Global Campus of Human Rights will host the 1st edition of the High Level Conference "The Global State of Human Rights". More information:

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The Global Campus of Human Rights enters into new partnership with Fondazione M9

Fondazione #M9 and the Global Campus of Human Rights are entering into a long-term cooperation of three years (2021-2024) to join efforts and co-develop activities in the City of Venice and the Veneto Region, focusing on Human Rights related issues of common interest.

More info:

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Online Global Campus Classroom 2021: Covid-19 Pandemic and Economic and Social Rights

The Global Classroom is one of the flagship annual activities of the Global Campus of Human Rights (GCHR) designed to bring together students, professors and experts from our seven regions. It is a research programme focussed on topic of current interest, different every year, whereby students and alumni from across the Global Campus network study, analyse and discuss their research topic through the lenses of regional perspectives. Global Classroom 2021, hosted by the Global Campus South East Europe / European Regional MA programme in Democracy and Human Rights in SEE, will take place online from 7-10 June 2021.

This year’s research topic is the Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on Economic and Social Rights worldwide. COVID-19 is a global public health emergency without parallel since 1918 and has affected not only the right to health but also a range of other socio-economic rights. Millions of people are out of work, lack adequate social protection, and have been unable to pay for essential needs. Those who are marginalised and disadvantaged by income and non-income indicators, however, are exposed to even greater risks, experience more extreme forms of deprivation and discrimination, and are denied the right to health, right to education right to work and a range of other socio-economic rights.

The research carried out by the seven Regional Research teams shall be presented and discussed throughout the four day online event and will provide analysis and critical reflection in response to the following questions: In which ways has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted economic and social rights of individuals and groups, including the dynamics and dialectics of these interactions and the role of social resilience in meeting these challenges? How have responses to COVID-19 revealed pre-existing weaknesses in access to economic, cultural, and social rights by groups and communities that are relatively disadvantaged? How might long-term approaches for mitigating future human rights harms like those caused by COVID-19 be developed and implemented in future crises?


European Development Days 2021

We share with many organisations the willingness to support the implementation of the UN #Agenda2030, including #SDG17 Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The encouragement and financial contributions we receive from our donors and members greatly build to the success of our global network’s values, vision, and mission.

Connect with our #HumanRightsEducation community and help implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Visit our stand at the Global Village of the European Development Days #EDD21 #OnEarth campaign