Course dates:

March 2022

Applications open until 6 February 2022

We all know how damaging ‘fake news’ can be: it can mobilise groups based on lies, and spark violence. It can be an obstacle to progress on important issues such as combating climate change or achieving climate justice. Algorithms can reinforce our biases, and have the ability to amplify preexisting social division, resentment, and fear. Bots and trolls are shaping political conversations online.

Young people are particularly feeling the impacts of mis and dis-information−it makes conversations difficult at the dinner table, it can divide friendships, it can stir up instances of hate speech or bullying at school, it can impact the policies that are handed down to the next generations.

But where does viral disinformation come from, exactly?
How does the spread of mis and disinformation actually work?
And what can be done to stop it?

If you would like to get answers to these questions, apply for the YouLead online training. This training programme is specifically designed with young people in mind, and the aim is to empower youth ambassadors to be a critical part of the solution.

Youth are powerful changemakers for building a better tomorrow, which is why we need YOU to LEAD the fight against online mis- and disinformation. Join us!




Participants will learn from seasoned international experts as well as other young leaders:

  • About the concepts and definitions behind online mis- and disinformation, as well as its impact
  • How to counter online mis- and disinformation with fact-checking tools and other resources
  • How to mobilise and empower other young people to become digitally literate citizens and to stand up for their digital futures.

You will join interactive workshops with experts and collaborate with like-minded young people on creating advocacy tools such as a short video or guidebook created for young people, by young people. You will be connected with other young leaders from around the world who are also passionate about reconstructing our common foundation of fact vs opinion in order to discuss solutions that make sense for you, as well as future generations.


Structure and Methodology

The training will take place online, which means you can connect from anywhere in the world and meet other young changemakers. By the end of this program, you will have the vital skills needed to be able to confidently consume and relay factual information in order to build a healthier online information ecosystem.

The course will combine asynchronous and synchronous training activities, spanning three weekends in March 2022 (plus an additional day for the welcome orientation). The course platform will provide materials for self-study (including readings, pre-recorded video lectures and podcasts, and a discussion forum). We will also host five online live sessions (a kick-off event, three workshops, and a closing event) where participants will have the chance to interact with expert lecturers and stimulate discussions in smaller breakout sessions.

Participants will be placed in small groups and a facilitator will guide them through the three week program. Within their groups, they will have the opportunity to work on case studies, prepare presentations, as well as develop materials to publish and share after the program−such as a “public service announcement” animation video, and an A-Z guide on tackling mis- and disinformation. Participants won’t just be passive learners, they will be active content creators!


Learning objectives

By participating in this programme, you will gain:

  • Skills on awareness raising, capacity-building and mobilising for young people to become more informed digital citizens
  • Experience developing an A-Z guide on the Do’s and Don’ts of navigating mis- and disinformation online which will be published after the program
  • Knowledge on how to develop an advocacy video for social media that spreads awareness about how to be empowered in the fight against mis- and disinformation
  • Access to a cross-cultural community of youth activists for knowledge sharing and personal/professional growth.


We designed this course for young people between the ages of 15 and 18 from all around the world, fluent in English. The number of participants will be limited to 21-24 people in order to allow for better engagement between participants and experts/lecturers as well as more effective peer-to-peer learning. The selection of the participants will be based on an application form asking participants to outline in a video their motivation, previous knowledge of mis- and disinformation, their level of youth activism to date and other potentially relevant experience. Geographical distribution and diversity of gender-identities will also be taken into consideration.


Certificate of completion

At the end of the course, if you have attended all sessions and successfully completed the course in all its components, you will receive a certificate of completion.