Global network of universities for human rights and democracy education

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an EU-funded global network of universities based on cooperation between the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) - the network’s focal point and umbrella organisation - and seven

Regional Programmes which are based in Venice for Europe, in Sarajevo/Bologna for South East Europe, in Yerevan for the Caucasus, in Pretoria for Africa, in Bangkok for Asia-Pacific, in Buenos Aires for Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Beirut for the Arab world.

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As a result from the joint efforts of 100 prestigious universities, EIUC/Global Campus marks a unique example of global inter-university cooperation in Human Rights and Democracy.

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To act as a strategic hub for the advancement, interconnection and coordination of key resources and expertise in the area of human rights in all regions of the world.

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Dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of Law, Respect. The vision (and mission) shall guide the organisation until 2020 and beyond. A living document and source of inspiration for the whole network.

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The European philosophical and political tradition is known for its many liberties, freedoms and rights. The E.MA is no exception – I was more than happy to experience liberty of thought, freedom of expression, and right to creativity all the way through this wonderful intellectual voyage.

Emanuela Brunazzetti

International Electoral Observer

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