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Master's Programme

A.Y. 2020 / 2021 - First Round Deadline: 3 February 2020

ema, European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) is a one-year advanced master’s course aimed at preparing professionals to respond to the operational requirements of daily work in international organisations, field operations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and academia.


Master's Programme

A.Y. 2020 / 2021 - First Round Deadline: 29 February 2020

apma, Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Asia Pacific 

The APMA program is taught across two campuses. All students will study first semester at the IHRP, Mahidol University (Thailand). Second semester students will study at one of the four partner universities in Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, or Nepal.



1 March – 31 December 2019 - Free Enrolment

Fundamental Rights of the European Union

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is the main instrument of fundamental rights protection within the European Union. Its use, however, aside from raising complex legal issues, is very much dependent on the awareness of its potential on the part of judges, lawyers and individuals.



20 January - 1 March 2020

Monitoring the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons - 2020 Edition

In all regions of the world, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) persons are subject to discrimination, persecution, violence, and other forms of human rights violations. Monitoring the extent of such human rights abuses is key to identify root causes, gaps in implementation, and avenues for redress.


Online Courses

From Early-Februrary 2020 on a rolling basis - Free Enrolment from: Mid-September 2019

Counter Human Trafficking in South East Asia (SEA)

By coercing people into a situation that they cannot escape, trafficking deprives human beings of their dignity and rights. In recent years, work has been carried out on the impact of counter trafficking, but more is needed on counter trafficking itself. Speaking to experts from NGOs, Trade Unions and International Organisations, this online course will examine the programmes, practices and activities of counter trafficking, in particular in Southeast Asia.


Corso di Formazione Avanzata (modulo introduttivo e avanzato)

13 - 16 febbraio 2020

La Tutela dei Diritti Umani presso la CEDU

Il Corso sulla CEDU mira a migliorare l'accessibilità, la comprensione e l'applicazione pratica dei principi fondanti e dei diritti sostanziali tutelati dalla CEDU e prevede una divisione in 2 moduli tra cui i partecipanti dovranno scegliere al momento dell’iscrizione.


Summer School

28 March - 4 April 2020

Venice School of Human Rights

EIUC Venice School of Human Rights was born in 2010 with the goal of studying today’s challenges in the field of human rights. It allows its participants coming from all over the world to list these challenges and examine their reasons and possible solutions they can deploy. The EIUC Venice School at the same time, combines theory and practice and its faculty involves both academics and practitioners. The Venice School intends to highlight that the respect for human rights is the responsibility of all, that «Human Rights are our responsibility».



30 August - 9 September 2020 - Early Bird Deadline:  2 March 2020

Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy

The 15th edition of the Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy is a training initiative jointly developed by Global Campus and Picture People. The 10-day intense training is aimed at young professionals wishing to broaden their understanding on the connections between human rights, films, digital media and video advocacy to share ideas and to foster participatory and critical thinking on urgent human rights issues, debate with experts and filmmakers from all over the world during the 77th Venice international Film Festival and learn how to use films as a tool for social and cultural change.