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Master's Programme

A.Y. 2023/2024 - Deadline for non-EU and scholarship applicants: 13 February 2023

ema, European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) is a one-year advanced master’s course aimed at preparing professionals to respond to the operational requirements of daily work in international organisations, field operations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and academia.


Master's Programme

A.Y. 2023/2024 - First Round Deadline: 27 February 2023

arma, Arab Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights

The Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights is a unique programme designed to meet the needs of students, professionals and experts who want to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of democratic governance and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa. It is part of the Global Campus of Regional masters in Human Rights and Democracy supported by the European Union.


Corsi di formazione sulla CEDU

3 febbraio 2023 - Scadenza Iscrizioni: 27 gennaio 2023

Webinar CEDU: focus parte speciale

Il webinar si propone di approfondire un tema di attualità nel panorama del diritto convenzionale e di analizzare i suoi rapporti con il diritto interno. In particolare, l’incontro si concentrerà sull’esame di un tema di "parte speciale".


Corsi di formazione sulla CEDU

23 – 26 marzo 2023 - Scadenza Iscrizioni: 26 febbraio 2023

La Tutela dei Diritti Umani presso la CEDU (modulo introduttivo e avanzato)

Il Corso Classico CEDU mira a migliorare l'accessibilità, la comprensione e l'applicazione pratica dei principi fondanti e dei diritti sostanziali tutelati dalla CEDU. Per l’edizione 2023 il corso sarà caratterizzato da una componente svolta in presenza in marzo, che prevede una divisione in 2 moduli tra cui i partecipanti dovranno scegliere al momento dell’iscrizione, e una componente online, che si svolgerà in maggio nella modalità di webinar.


Training Seminars

20 – 23 April 2023 - Registration Deadline: 10 March 2023

Strengthening Political Processes Through Technical Assistance

Elections are the crucial milestones for every new-born democracy and the international community, or at least part of it, supports electoral processes and democratic institutions encouraging political inclusion and participation all over the world.
To allow for an effective follow-up on EOM recommendations and build a shared process that aims at strengthening the system of governance of a given country, international development partners and sending authorities fund direct Technical Assistance (TA) missions.


Summer School

10 – 17 June 2023 - Registration Deadline: 14 May 2023

Venice School for Human Rights Defenders

Human rights defenders play an essential role in the realisation of rights and promotion of equality. Not only do they fight for human rights in situations of oppression and abuse; they also act as monitors, drawing attention both to their respective communities and to the international community to otherwise neglected violations and threats.


Corsi di formazione sulla CEDU

26 maggio 2023 - Scadenza Iscrizioni: 19 maggio 2023

Webinar CEDU: focus parte generale

Il webinar si propone di approfondire un tema di “parte generale” del diritto della Convenzione Europea dei Diritti dell’Uomo, così come interpretata dalla Corte EDU. La conoscenza del ragionamento giuridico applicato dalla Corte di Strasburgo è essenziale per poter correttamente sollevare questioni fondate sulla tutela dei diritti fondamentali davanti ai tribunali nazionali e davanti alla stessa Corte europea.


Online Courses

From Early-Februrary 2020 on a rolling basis - Free Enrolment from: Mid-September 2019

Counter Human Trafficking in South East Asia (SEA)

By coercing people into a situation that they cannot escape, trafficking deprives human beings of their dignity and rights. In recent years, work has been carried out on the impact of counter trafficking, but more is needed on counter trafficking itself. Speaking to experts from NGOs, Trade Unions and International Organisations, this online course will examine the programmes, practices and activities of counter trafficking, in particular in Southeast Asia.



20 February – 26 March 2023 - Free Enrolment until: 12 March 2023

Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy

Analysing examples of political transitions and regime changes in different world regions, we ask crucial questions: how do countries and political regimes successfully democratise? What are the causes of democratic backsliding? How do democracies die, and how do they recover, if at all?



From November 2022

Business and Human Rights

Applying a multi-regional approach, the MOOC focuses on the link between companies, states and human rights with attention to the protection of human rights defenders, the concept of mandatory due diligence, recent case-law, and children’s rights issues.