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Get Started with Canvas

  • Update Your Profile All new Canvas users should read this information. Click on your name at the top left corner to view your profile at any time!
  • Update Your Notification Preferences Canvas can send you Notifications about course activities to your email. Read the information found by clicking the link, then go to Settings in the top right corner to customise your Notification preferences.
  • Search Canvas Guides Find helpful information! Canvas Guides provide you with all the information you need to use Canvas.
  • Read the Canvas Network Code of Conduct Find out how you can promote a safe learning environment.

Logging in to Canvas Network

Accessibility Statement

Canvas provides a user experience that is easy, simple, and intuitive. Special attention has been paid to making Canvas screen-readable. The Rich Content Editor encourages users to create accessible content pages (i.e. text formatting is accomplished using styles). Canvas is designed to allow limited customization of colors and schemes to be accessible for all users. The National Federation of the Blind granted Canvas the Gold Level Web Certification in 2010.  Find more information by visiting the Canvas Accessibility information page on our website.